Can My Health Insurance Cover My UnMarried Partner?

The short answer would be to check with your current insurance coverer directly. There are some insurance companies that allow for polices to be extended to unmarried partners, regardless of whether their relationship is heterosexual or same-sex. In some cases, the ability for a person to extend his or her workplace-provided insurance to an unmarried partner will come down to a specific employer’s policy

Coverage for Unmarried Partners: Policy and Law

Previously, employers would allow employees o only extend insurance benefits to immediate family members. Adult partners needed a legal certificate of marriage to establish a family relationship. However, this creation has changed over time, in large part due to LGBT rights activities which have been fighting for the ability to get covered through extending benefits to gay partners who were barred from all benefits of being legally married.

In 2009 the federal government extended federal Calvin employees to domestic partners. The Presidential Memorandum of Federal Benefits and Non-Discrimination directs the heads of government agencies to determine wich employee benefits must be extended to same-sex partners to avoid unlawfully discriminating against individuals based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The private sector has expanded to offering coverage to unmarried partners as well. This shift to a broader definition of family has changed the availability of insurance not only for gay couples but heterosexual couples as well. In 2011, New York passed the Marriage Equality Act, Cornell Univesity in New York expanded employee benefits. The private research university extend benefits granted to same-sex partners to unmarried partners in heterosexual relationships.

Heath insurance benefits once considered a minor fringe benefits, have become an important element of employee compensation packages . For the more than eight million couples who live in a dedicated relationship without a certificate of marriage, whether or not these work place benefits extend to your partner will depend on the specific employer.

The human rights campaign 2014 Corporate Equality Index reports that 68 percent of the 734 business surveyed, administered health insurance for both same and different sex partners of employees However this situation may change. As more state legalize same-sex marriage business may again reqiyre marriage certificates to confim a relationisp, but in some cases they may not.

Coverage for Unmarried Partners Under the Affordable Care Act

Under the passage and build out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Unmarried partners now have new options when seeking health insurance. If both partners need health insurance, subsidies available via the health insurance marketplace. When working through the application process on, an option will ask claimants are applying for insurance for them and their unmarried partner.

The ACA also benefits unmarried same-sex partners. Some insurance companies do not allow for policies to be extended to same-sex partners. A filter on allows the user to eliminate these policies for their health insurance coverage options. The filter is also viable for business owners searching for insurance for their employees.

Alos individuals whoa re eligible for coverage through their unmarried partner’s insurance may find it less expensive to purchase insurance directly themselves. The ACA health insurance marketplace offices many subsidies and tax credits. For those with incomes, less than 138 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) health insurance may be available in states that have opted to expand their Medicaid program. INdivials with incomes between 138 and 400 percent fo the FPL may qualify for tax crust and subsidies through the health insurance each to offer health insurance premium cost.

If You Are getting Married

If you recently got engaged or are moving in with your partner. You will have to make changes regardless of how “un-official” such steps may seem compared to married. No marriage certificate does not mean a couple is free of some of the issue insurance regulations. This depends on the status of the relationship and frequently your company’s particular health plan. More than a dozen state currently mandate that employer-sponsored group health insurance plans administer benefits for domestic partners if they give them to spouses. Employers who are self-insurance are subject to state insurance mandates, but many of them also provide domestic partner benefits. Some employer-sponsored plans may also let you ensure your domestic partner’s children.

Does your relationship meet the requirements of a domestic? In most cases to qualify as domestic partners, you must have lived together for at leats six months and plan to remain living together indefinitely. Other requirements may incorporate sharing financial responsibility for basic living expenses and sharing a close personal relationship in which you are responsible for each other’s welfare.

You can be married to anyone else, and your domestic partner can be a close blood relative.

Your should read your employer’s benefits policy or talk to the employee benefits manager about the company’s dependent eligibility rules. If you can cover your girlfriend and her son or your boyfriend and or his daughter plan, should be ready to sign an affidavit and provide evidence of your relationship. You should always tell the truth. Companies are taking a harder look at dependent to make sure no one is illegally receiving health insurance benefits and to keep health care cost down. Many companies conduct dependent eligibility audit to make sure people listed as dependents quality for coverage under the rules.

Some employers may pay a portion fo the premium for dependent, but other require employees to pay the entire premium for their dependent. If your boyfriend and son qualify as dependent on your company’s plan, you should find out how much you will need to pay so that you can prepare for the reduction in your paycheck.

Health Life Media Team