(Unequal pupil size)

The Anisocoria referred unequal pupil size. The Anisocoria itself is asymptomatic. Anisocoria Image courtesy of Prof. H. J. Meyer via the Online Journal of Ophthalmology ( var model = {thumbnailUrl: ‘/-/media/manual/professional/images/anisocoria_high_de.jpg?la=de&thn=0&mw=350’ imageUrl: ‘/-/media/manual/professional/images/anisocoria_high_de.jpg?la = en & thn = 0 ‘, title:’ anisocoria ‘description:’ u003Ca id = “v37894113 ” class = “”anchor “” u003e u003c / a u003e u003cdiv class = “”para “” u003e u003cp u003eBei anisocoria the pupil diameter are visible unequal. It is usually physiologically

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