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When boys are growing up, as they go through their teenage years, they will likely get some form of acne. It’s just a normal part of growing up.
But it some cases it doesn’t have to so bad. If you are willing to put in a little time on a preventive measure and have a bit of patience for these solutions to work, you will be able to get your acne under control.

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One of the common myths about acne is that it is caused by haveing a dirty face. Or even that certain foods like, french free, chocolate, cheese causes acne. They don’t.
Another myth is that acne is caused by masturbation or having sex, or lack of sex, these ideas simply are a not true.
The truth is that some people are just prone to acne, and ultimately these factors are outside of your control. These can be tough to deal with specifically when you have a breakout, and it may be very noticeable. But you should understand it not your fault, and you did not do anything to cause acne.

The first step to fixing your acne is understanding what causes it and what doesn’t. This will help you focus on the right treatments that will work.

Those products you see on TV will not clear up your acne overnight.

The good news is there ae many different acne treatment products on the market today that can help remove your skin.
However, even the most effective acne treatments will not work overnight. And none of them will cure your acne despite what the TV advertisements may say.
If you are looking for something without the need of a doctor’s prescription, there are over-the-counter acne treatments, which contain benzoyl peroxide, You should look for this ingredient.
It will take a least a few week before you start to notice a change in your skin. If you are patient, you sill improvements, but they will not occur as quickly as some of the commercials might claim.

Don’t Skip on Your Treatments
Once you get your treatments home, you have to use them. It;s important not forget these treatments, and use them as directions instruct you to. If you are not using them on a consistent basis, then they will not be able to clear your skin.

We all are busy, and using treatments can sometimes be a hassle, and other times you may just forget. But, setting up time during the morning or at night to apply treatment can help you remember.

You can set the treatment next to your toothbrush to jog your memory or ask your parents to remind. You should do whatever you need to remember to take the treatment.

Use the procedures as Instructed
Not only must you remember to use the treatments, but you also have to use them correctly.
Once you get into the practice of using your acne treatments, though, it is not that bad and does not take too much time.
Make sure you know specifically how to use your acne medications. That means reading all of the directions ( even if it seems obvious) and following the instructions you doctor gives you.

Take Care of Your Skin Daily
Although acne is not caused by not washing your face, that excess oil and dirt that builds up throughout the day will not help you. Sweat can also irritate the skin and make acne worse. Having a cleaning routine is essential.
It should only take a few minutes, and you do not need a ton of expensive products. Just a basic face soap, cleanser or moisturizer (if your skin is feeling dry) it’s all you need.

Be Careful to Not Shave Pimples
Shaving is another element. If you have pimples in or around the beard, shave delicately. Go around them if all possible. Or at least attempt to avoid shaving the top off of you pimples.
The more irritate your skin, the greater the inflammation will be. The skin on your face may be sensitive so you should be sensitive. This can mean you need to shave less often as least until the acne is not inflamed.

Body Acne Can be Treated Too
The face is not the only location that acne can pop up. You might get acne in different areas such as chest, back shoulders, and neck. It is common.
Many of the same remedies that are used for the face are also utilized for the body .Benzoyl peroxide soap and body washed are often used to treat body breakouts.
Your doctor might also prescribe other medications, like oral antibiotics or even isotretinoin (Accutane), depending on how severe the breakouts are.
Be Persistent
No matter the team you are using, whether it gets it from your doctor, pharmacy or drug store, you should be consistent in using it.
It may take longer than you’d like for the treatment of work. It may take at least 8 -10 weeks before you can determine if it works. Do not jump from treatment to treatment.
And expect to get new pimples throughout this time too. They likely will not stop all at once, but rather slowly start fading away.
Don’t stop once your skin clears, either. Acne medications do not stop acne for good; they just help keep it under control. So if you stop using the medications, it is likely that your acne will return. The exception is isotretinoin and Accutane.
At som point, your acne will go away on its own, and you finally be able to get rid of your acne treatments for good. So you should stick with it.

Acne can have emotional state and Confidence
You may not want to talk about it with anyone, but acne can affect your self-esteem. It can make you feel less confident, angry depressed, and insecure. These are natural feelings.
Beginning a new treatment and seeing some positive results can help you instantly feel better. So can focusing on things other than your skin ( sports art, music, and other interest)
Acne can affect aspects of your life that you didn’t expect; you may not want to go out with friends or feel comfortable meeting new people. For what it worth, acne is a normal part of growing up. You can get over, and you will get through it.

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