6 Tips : How to Stay Motivated On “Cold Dreary Days”

Motivation does not seem like a renewable resource. In fact it seems very finite. For some reason people are motivated one day and the next day they aren’t. What happens to you when you lose motivation. Losing motivation happens so often I don’t believe people necessary think of it as a problem. In school we coin the term “senioritis” for a senior year student who loses his or her motivation. Loss of motivation seems almost impossible to stop because it can sneak up on you and be caused by so many different things. I know that I always seem to lose motivation on cold days. I DON’T feel like working. I just want to lay down and relax and I do. I think this truly an issue for those people who are running a startup business. Like most people starting a new venture or project, entrepreneurs start off with a great attitude lots of energy and expectations. However overtime this energy begins to lose steam and slow down and soon it dies out. Lets go over 5 Reasons We lose Motivation.positive-thinking HLM

1. Results Are Not Quick Enough.
I get irritated when things don’t work according to plan in timing. I could just go mad. Patience is considered I great virtue, not many people have it. When things are slow moving and it seems your doing a lot of work and are getting no results, you lose motivation. The temptation to quit is starring you right in front of the face. We all have expectations and not meeting them are always a blow to our ego and are confidence. We began to question whether were making the right decisions.

2. Frustration: Lack of knowledge
When we don’t know something there is no way we can get it right the first time. Sometimes we think we know the solution to a problem and work very hard to solve it. We can spend all over our time and energy trying to fix it and what happens? Its not Fix. This is because we simply don’t know. It is this misunderstanding that will often cause us to doubt our ability to see our plan through. Sometimes we may try get some help and figure these issues out but they soon become complicated in themselves where we have trouble understanding how to carry out the solutions. We loss a tremendous amount of confidence, felling as though we should have never tried in the first place, so we quit.

3. No Support System.
A support system would be positive affirmation from friends and family and also includes the resource of knowledgeable people to help you solve problems. Those who encourage you to move ahead. Many people become discourage because they feel all alone. Surrounding yourself with supportive people is paramount to creating a sustainable system that is going to bring out the drive within you. It is important that your friends and family understand this undertaking because it requires some form sacrifice from them

4. Inconsistency
Inconsistency is when you do something for a little while then stop doing it. Working on your business off and on will not alone wear you down but also produce inconsistent results. This well cause you frustration as well. Humans uses up a lot more energy starting and stopping (just like cars) than if we where to go a consistent pace for long periods of time focusing on perfecting one thing.

5. Boredom
Boredom arrives when we get tired of our work or not having fun. Your business should be fun to you because it is going to require so much time energy and thought. Certain task in your business may be boring. Maybe getting help for those task is your best bet. Also pacing yourself so that you can do enjoyable work in between to prevent you from burning out. I know that I can get bored fairly easily so I like to effectively alternate the task that I am working on to prevent boredom but also maintain the quality of my results.

6. Eyes Off The Prize
I think The most important motivator is the Project or business itself. I always think about where I want my business to be in the future. I always daydream about what its going to be like when I am successful. My websites are very important to me and to see them grow, flourish and mature is my number one priority. I think that there has to be an internal drive that must be within you for endeavors that require much sacrifice. If your not wholeheartedly committed to something then your will have loss motivation that you never sustainable.