Seasonal Allergies Guide: 春季過敏

Allergies-CellFor millions of people, every spring is the start of Spring seasonal allergies. As trees and flowers start to bloom, they begin to release pollen into the atmosphere, this often user in time when allergy suffers begin to experience sneezing, watery eys, itching and sniffling. Every year more than 35 million will experience seasonal allergic rhinitis, this is also called hay fever. Although there are, no cures for spring allergies, there ways to treat them.

What causes spring allergies?

The main trigger for seasonal allergies is pollen. 花粉是被排放到大氣中的微小顆粒. 花粉來自雜草, 草, 樹木和幫助受精其他植物. 當花粉進入人的身體是誰對它過敏, 那人的免疫系統開始響應. 免疫系統錯誤花粉作為外來入侵者. 然後,身體會釋放抗體抵抗細菌或病毒. 抗體攻擊花粉過敏原,並會釋放化學物質進入血液, 叫組胺. Histamines will then cause the today to reactive through runny noses, itchy eyes, and other allergic symptoms.

Pollen can travel for many miles and spread across different people, and when there is higher pollen levels, more people will experience higher levels of allergic activity. The pollen count measures the amount of allergens that are in the are in the air based on grains per cubic meter. Pollen & Mound Counts are based on the American Academy of Allergy.

Allergy symptoms may be extremely active on breezy days, 其中風水平較高. 陰雨天可引起花粉量的更高水平的大雨沖刷掉過敏原.



這些過敏原可引起哮喘和呼吸道狹窄, 它可以使呼吸困難導致咳嗽, 喘息,氣促,.


有些人從來沒有被診斷為過敏春天, 但有過敏有過敏症和體驗效果 – 運行鼻子, 眼睛癢或其他症狀. 你可以去看看你的醫生, 他或她可以將您看到的過敏症進行測試.

該過敏專家可以進行皮試, 其中稀釋過敏原的小樣品被注入到臂或背部的皮膚. 如果您是過敏的過敏原,然後一個紅色的小突起會發展對皮膚 (這也被稱為一個蜂巢或風疹塊). 該專家還可以做一個ImmunoCap分析, 衡量過敏原特異性IgE – 在過敏個體顯示了蛋白質.

即使你對這些過敏原測試敏感, 並不意味著你將開始打噴嚏,當你接觸與像花粉過敏咳嗽.


有跡象表明,用於治療過敏春季一些過度的非處方藥和處方藥. 這裡有一些過度的非處方藥是有幫助的人,包括以下:

Nasal spray decongestants will relieve congestion and clear nasal passages that are clogged, faster than oral decongestants.
Steroid nasal spray reduces inflammation. There are two over the counter drugs Flonase and Nasacort.
Antihistamines are the most popular for reducing itching, sniffling and sneezing through lowering the body’s histamine levels.
There ar combination of antihistamines and decongestants to help with multiple symptoms.
Cromolyn sodium is a nasal spray that can help reduce hay fever through stopping the spread of histamine before it starts allergic symptoms.

Although it is possible to buy these allergy medications without a prescription, you should discuss with your doctor, which drug would be the best medication to choose. Sometimes antihistamines can make you feel sleepy or drowsy so if you are taking it throughout the day it may affect your daily routine. Make sure to speak with your doctor 過敏before using more than a few days.

There are also remedies that your doctor can recommend a prescription for, such as allergy shots or under-the-tongue immunotherapy tablets. There are several steroid nasal tablets that may help as well. Allergy shots expose the body to greater dosages of the allergen until you become tolerant of it. Immunotherapy tablets work in the same way. These can relieve your symptoms for a longer time frames than oral or nasal allergy medications.

There are natural treatments to aid relief for allegory sufferers, although there are different opinions about the effectiveness. 這包括::

  1. ButterburButterbur is a herb that comes from a shrub in Europe, This herb show the potential ability to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. Butterbur extract, Ze 399 has been seen to be as effective for reducing histamines, such as Allegra, Zyrtec, and Claritin.
  2. Quercetin – This is a flavonoid, which are found in apples, black tea and onions, which have anti-inflammatory properties which can help stop histamines.
  3. Stinging nettle – These are roots and leaves from the stinging nettle plant, the Urtica dioica. These plants have been used to treat prostate problems and joint pain.
  4. Nasal irrigation- This is using warm water and a quarter-teaspoon of salt and quarter -teaspoon and baking soda to help clear sinus passages. Many people use a neti-pot or squeeze bottle and looks like a small teapot. You should use sterile, distilled or boiled water. You should also clean and rinse your irrigation device after each use.

Just because treatments claim that they are natural does not mean that it is safe. 事實上, it possible that one may also be allergic to this natural remedies. Some natural treatments can cause side effects and may trigger adverse reactions with other medications that you are taking. You should always talk to your doctor before taking any herb or supplement.

Although it is impossible to avoid spring allergies completely, as you may live in an area where plants grow. There are a few things you can do to avoid main allergy triggers

  • Try to stay indoors if there are high pollens counts
  • Keep your windows and closed when possible to keep allergens out your house.
  • It may helps to clean your air filters and surface areas in your home often, since these are areas that can collect dust and pollen.
  • You should be your hair after you go outside as it can collect pollen.
  • Vacuum twice a month and wear a mask because a vacuum can kick up pollen, dust mold and dust trapped in your carpet.

Although there are no ways to cure seasonal allergies there ways that you can lessen the effects seasonal allergies have on you.

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