一月 2, 2016

有几个选项为ITP嘅治疗. 嘅主要标的,当你得到治疗ITP有保证健康嘅血小板计数同防止出血并发症嘅同时,最大化嘅副作用. 儿童招发性血小板少性紫癜,通常可以改善,而唔需要治疗. 近 80 患儿六个月内完全恢复伊通%. . 儿童, 边个有慢性, 有哂成嘅恢复年之后, 虽然佢…


ITP Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

八月 13, 2014

ITP or Thrombocytopenic is a medical condition for low platelet count. The idiopathic portion means that the causation is not known. The purpura regfers to pin prick bleeding under the surface of skin, which is a symptom of ITP. Idiopathic means immune, or immune thromboctopenic purpura (招发性血小板少性紫癜) antibodies covers the surface of the blood platelets. This destroys the blood platelets and causes their levels to drop. There are two types of ITP:…