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If you have high cholesterol, it’s can grow into a significant medical problems. Cholesterol levels is something that needs to be checked on a consistent basis. If you got a reading back 2009 and think that it is the same, you should definitely get your your cholesterol levels checked again. Cholesterol levels will rise with age, so it is recommended anyone that is over the age 20, should be screed

tháng mười một 19, 2014
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Giữ cholesterol của bạn Trong Kiểm tra

Keeping track of your blood cholesterol is very important. You can do this learning what cholesterol is and what the body uses it for. Cholesterol is a fat-like waxy, substance that are found in all of your body cells. Cholesterol is used by your body to make hormones, chemicals that digest food and vitamin D. Your body makes enough cholesterol that it needs, However there are some foods where cholesterol is

Tháng Mười 15, 2014
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Ngăn ngừa bệnh tim: Phần 2

Tháng Chín 17, 2014

Ngăn ngừa bệnh tim: Phần 1 There many ways to prevent heart disease. Eating healthy and exercise will help maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight you are at an increased risk for diabetes, bệnh tim, huyết áp cao, cholesterol cao. One of the most popular ways to determine if you are at a healthy weight would be to look at your body mass index BMI. Your BMI looks at

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