3D Printing Erbjudandet Pre-op patienter Medical Insight

3dyourscanDet långsiktiga målet för medicinsk additiv tillverkning är att kunna skriva ut hela funktionella 3-D tryckt organ. However, Detta betyder inte att 3D inte har något konkret att erbjuda medicinska världen i dag.

Fyrfärg 3D tryckeri Whitecloud har lanserat en ny medicinsk 3D-utskrift tjänst som kallas 3D-utskrifter Scan: som erbjuder personliga fyrfärg innan operation pedagogiska modeller baserade på patientens CT / MRT. Mest imponerande av allt, dessa individer modeller kan utvecklas i omkring 24 hours.

Idag finns ett stort hinder när det gäller kommunikation och förstår vad som händer i inuti kroppen. Genom att tillhandahålla insikt om ett djupare plan, genom personlig hälsovård, människor kan verkligen visualisera interaktion med vad som händer inne i själva före användning. Det ger patienten – who does not understand how to read CAT scans or MRI Scan an understanding of what they are facing, and why surgery may be the right route for them.

img_7965-2-720x480-c img_7957-720x480-cWhiteCloud 3D scan involves a property “Hinge & Slice” system, able to provide a cross section – connected by a thing – to show what is going on inside a particular body p art. The technology is a partnership with advanced visualization software company TeraRecon.

It’s mind-blowing to see what can come out of these printers when you look at the color. Often Single color prints do not provide highlights into the areas of interest. The system TeraRocn provides algorithms for color shading. It gives a sense true realistic color, much like a surgeon would by looking into a scan. It helps the patient understand and what needs to be done on a deeper level.

promo-model-12-720x480-cIn certain cases these custom models of organs, these can take three to five weeks to create due to the manual methods involved. That is something that 3D printingand an organization with the resources of Whitecloudcan help change.

Having this immediate time is really important. With more services providing instant gratification, the bar of expectation as far what people expect are much her, and faster delivery is key. With the capacity and technology that we have, factorieliver-2-720x480-cs that handle object every day as well customized and personalized for individuals.

Having faster turn around is more significant specific in situations where there is a requirement to conduct quicker surgeries, If there is a knee surgery, there may not need to be a huge rush.However, if a child is having heart surgery or an operation brain tumors, these are procedures that need to be handled rapidly.
In all it;s just another way that 3D printing and the industry leaders within it are changing the world for the better.