Что такое Lymhedema?

Лимфедема представляет собой комбинацию жидкости, которая вызывает отек (отек) в областях тела. Это обычно происходит в руках или ногах. Иногда это может произойти обе руки и обе ноги одновременно.
Лимфедема, как правило, вызвана ликвидацией или повреждением лимфатических узлов, как часть лечения рака. Она возникает в результате закупорки .a в вашей лимфатической системы, which is a component of the immune system. The blockage prevents. Lymph fluid from draining well. And the fluid buildup leads to swelling.
There is no cure for lymphedema. But it can be more effectively treated with early diagnosis and diligent care of your injured limb.

Symptoms of Lymphedema
Lymphedema signs and symptoms, which is typically arm or leg, включают:

  • Swelling of part or all of your arm or leg, including fingers or toes.
  • A feeling of heaviness or tightness
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Aching or discomfort
  • Recurring infections
  • Hardening and thickening of the skin

The swelling produced by lymphedema fluctuates from mild, hardly detectable changes in the size of your arm or leg to drastic changes that make the limb hard to use. Lumhedmai caused by cancer treatment may occur until months or years after treatments.
Когда вы должны обратиться к врачу
Make an appointment with your doctor if you observe persistent swelling in your arm or leg.

Your lymphatic system is essential to keeping your body healthy. It circulates protein-rich lymph fluid throughout your body collecting bacteria, waste products, and viruses. Your lymphatic system comes this fluid and harmful substances through your lymph vessels, with lead to lymph nodes. The wastes are then filtered out by lymphocytesinfection-fighting cells that live in your lymph nodesand eventually flushed from your body.

Lymphedema occurs when your lymph vessels are unable to adequately drain lymph fluid, usually from an arm or leg. Lymphedema can be either principal or secondary. This means it can occur on its primary lymphedema) or it can be affected by another disease or condition (secondary lymphedema). Secondary lymphedema is far more prevalent than primary lymphedema.

Causes of secondary lymphedema
Any ailment or procedure that destroys your lymph nodes or lymph vessels can cause lymphedema. Причины включают:
Хирургия – removal of or injury lymph nodes and lymph vessels may result in lymphedema. Например, lymph nodes may be removed to check for spread of breast cancer, and lymph nodes may be injured in surgy that involves blood vessels in your limbs.
Radiation treatment for cancer. Radiation can generate scarring and inflammation of your lymph nodes or lymph vessels.
ракIf cancer cells block lymphatic vessels lymphedema may result. Например, a tumor growing near a lymph node or lymph vessel could enlarge enough to prevent the flow of the lymph fluid.
Инфекционное заболевание, An infection of the lymph nodes or parasitic, can restrict the flow of lymph fluid infection related lymphedema is most common in the tropical and subtropical region and is more likely to occur in developing countries.

Causes of primary lymphedema
Primary lymphedema is a rare, genetic condition prompted by issues with the formation of the lymph vessels in your body. Specific causes of primary lymphedema include:

Milroy’s disease (congenital lymphedema). This disease begins in infancy and causes lymph nodes to form abnormally.
Meigs’ болезнь (lymphedema praecox). This disorder often causes lymphedema around puberty r during pregnancy though it can occur later, until age 35.
Late -onset lymphedema (lymphedema trade). This rarely happens and usually begins to begin after age 35.

Факторы риска
Factors that may increase your risk of developing lymphedema after cancer, cancer treatment or other secondary causes inlcude>
Excess weight or obesity
Пожилой возраст
Psoriatic arthritis or Rheumatoid

Lymphedema in your arm or leg can lead to severe complications, такие как :
Lymphangiosarcoma. This is a rare form of soft tissue cancer can result from the most-severe cases of untreated lymphedema Possible signs of lymphangiosarcoma include blue -red or purple marks n the skin.
Инфекции. Possible infections that may lead from lymphedema include a dangerous bacterial infection of the skin (целлюлит) and an infection of the lymph vessels (lymphangitis) The smallest injury to your arm or leg can be an entry point for infection.

Test and Diagnosis for Lymphedema
If you are at risk of lymphedema – например. If you have recently had cancer surgery involving your lymph nodes our doctor may diagnose lymphedema based on your signs and symptoms.

If the cause of your lymphedema is not as clear, your doctor may order an imaging test to get a look at your lymph system. The test may include:
MRI scan. Using a magnetic field and radio waves, an MRI produces 3-D, high-resolution images.
компьютерная томография. This X-ray technique produces detailed, cross sectional images of your body’s structures, CT scans can reveal blockages in the lymphatic system.
Doppler ultrasound. This version of the traditional ultrasound looks at blood flow and force by bouncing high-frequency sound waves (ультразвук) off red blood cells.Ultrasound can assist in finding obstructions.
Radionuclide imaging of your lymphatic system (lymphoscintigraphy) During this test you are given a shot of radioactive dye and then scanned by a machine. The produced pictures show the dye moving through your lymph vessels highlighting blockages.

Treatments and Drugs of Lymphedema
There’s no cure for lymphedema. Лечение концентрируется на уменьшение опухоли и контроля боли. Лимфедема лечение включает в себя:
упражнения – легкие упражнения, в которых вы переместили пораженную конечность может стимулировать его дренаж жидкости и помощь в подготовке вас для решения повседневных задач, таких как проведение бакалеи. Упражнение не должно быть напряженным или покрышкой вас, но должны сосредоточиться на родовом сокращении мышц в руке или ноге. Сертифицированный лимфедема терапевт может поручить вам упражнения, которые могут помочь.
Обертывание руки или ноги – warping your entire limb promotes lymph fluid movement back toward the trunk of your body. The bandage should be tightest around your finger or toes and loosen as it moves up your arm of leg. A lymphedema therapist can teach you how to wrap your leg and arm.
MassageA special massage technique called manual lymph drainage may encourage the flow of lymph fluid out of your arm or leg. And various massage treatment may benefit people with active cancer. Be sure to work with someone specially trained in these techniques.
Массаж не для всех. Избегайте сообщения, если у вас есть инфекции кожи или сгустки крови.
Pneumatic compression. A sleeve is worn over the affected arm or leg attached to a pump that intermittently inflates the sleeve, putting force on your limb and moving lymph fluid away from your fingers or toes. Compression garments. Long sleeve or stocking make to compress your arm or leg encourage the flow of the lymph fluid out of your affected limb, War a compression garment when exercising the affected limb.

Obtain a suitable fit for your compression garment by getting professional help. Попросите вашего врача, где вы можете купить одежду сжатия. Некоторые люди будут требовать заказных одежд сжатия.
Полная противозастойный терапия (CDT) Такой подход требует сочетающие терапии с изменением образа жизни. Cdt не рекомендуется для людей, страдающих диабетом высокого кровяного давления, сердечная недостаточность, паралич, острая инфекция или кластеры крови.
В ситуациях тяжелой лимфедема, the doctor may consider surgery to remove excess tissue in your arm or leg to reduce swelling.

If you’ve had or will have cancer surgery, ask your doctor whether your procedure will include your lymph nodes or lymph vessels, Ask if your radiation treatment will be directed at lymph nodes, so your radiation treatment will be aimed at lymph nodes so that you will be aware of the possible risk
To reduce your risk of lymphedema you should:
Protect your arm or your legs. Try to stay away from activities that can cause injury to your affected limb, ожоги, cuts or scraps can become infection sites. Guard yourself against sharp objects. An example would be to shave with an electric razor wear gloves when you garden or cook. Use a thimble when you sew. If feasible, avoid medical procedures, such as blood draws and injections in your affected limb. Rest your arm or leg while recovering. Following cancer treatment, stretching and exercise are prescribed. Вам следует, Однако, avoid strenuous activity until you have recovered from surgery or radiation.
Avoid heat on your arm or leg. Do not apply heat or ice, such as with a heating paid to your affected limb. Также, protect your affected limb from intense cold weather
Elevate your arm or leg. When ever you can elevate your affected limb above and level of your heart.
Avoid tight clothing. Avoid everything that you could contact our arm or leg, such as tight-fitting clothing and in the case of your arm, blood pressure cuffs. Ask that your blood pressure is taken in your other arm. Keep your arm or leg clean. Make skin and nail high care priorities. Examine the skin on your arm or leg daily, watching for changes or breaks in your skin that could lead to infection do not walk around barefoot.