Fiziologie Sistemul cardiovascular

octombrie 21, 2014

There several critical functions of the body’s cardiovascular system: 1 Transportation of materials and chemicals, 2) To regulate of the body’s homeostasis levels, 3) Protect the body from pathogens 1. Transporting materials from one part of the body to other body tissues is a major function of the cardiovascular system. The blood delivers oxygen and essential nutrients, as well as remove waste and carbon dioxide that is processed from the body….

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Sistemul cardiovascular: Circulația coronariană & Sânge

Sisteme de circulația coronariană setul de vase de sange, care sunt în interiorul inimii care furnizează miocard cu oxigen și substanțe nutritive, că inima are nevoie pentru a pompa sânge prin corp. Dreapta și stânga arterele coronare răspândite off de la aorta furnizează sânge la stânga și partea dreapta a inimii. The coronary sinus is a vein that is on the posterior side of the heart and it will return de-oxygenated blood to

octombrie 20, 2014
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What is Cardiology

octombrie 13, 2014

The cardiovascular system encompasses the heart, blood vessels and nearly 5 liters of blood, that is constantly moved throughout the blood viens, and vessels. Its primary responsibility is transporting oxygen, hormones and nutrients, throughout the the body. The heart, which is the size of a closed fist, must pump over 5 liters of blood throughout the body every minute. Cardiology is a medical discipline focused on dealing with heart disorders. Acest…

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