Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Guide

Knowing what  to look for in a  Blood Glucose meter can be a daunting task, as there are so many options available. We give you a summary of what you should look for when shopping for a blood glucose monitor. We hope to give you the full range range of features functionality that blood glucose monitors, on the market, are offering now. We cover: How easy it is for a…


Cardiovascular System Physiology

There several critical functions of the body’s cardiovascular system: 1 Transportation of  materials and chemicals, 2) To regulate of the body’s homeostasis levels, 3) Protect the body from pathogens 1. Transporting  materials from one part of the body to other body tissues is a major function of the cardiovascular system. The blood delivers oxygen and essential nutrients, as well as remove waste and carbon dioxide that is processed from  the body….


6 Tips : How to Stay Motivated On “Cold Dreary Days”

Motivation does not seem like a renewable resource. In fact it seems very finite. For some reason people are motivated one day and the next day they aren’t. What happens to you when you lose motivation. Losing motivation happens so often I don’t believe people necessary think of it as a problem. In school we coin the term “senioritis” for a senior year student who loses his or her motivation….


CardioVascular System: Coronary Circulation & Blood

Coronary Circulation systems the set of blood vessels that are within the heart that provide the myocardium with oxygen and nutrients, that the heart  needs to pump blood through the body. The right and left coronary arteries spread off from the aorta provide blood to left and right side of the heart. The coronary sinus is a vein that is on the posterior side of the heart and it will return de-oxygenated blood to…


Understanding Blood Vessels

Blood vessels are a then  layer of  squamous epithelium, also called endothelium, which keeps your blood cells inside the blood vessels. Endothelium, also keeps blood clots from forming. The endothelium lines the body’s entire circulatory system, extending form the heart’s interior, called the endocardium. There are three primary types of blood vessels: Veins, Arteries and Capillaries. Blood vessels names are based on the region of the body they carry blood through…


Keeping Your Cholesterol In Check

Keeping track of your blood cholesterol is very important. You can do this learning what cholesterol is and what the body uses it for. Cholesterol is a fat-like waxy, substance that are found in all of your body cells. Cholesterol is used by your body to make hormones, chemicals that digest food and vitamin D. Your body makes enough cholesterol that it needs, However there are some foods where cholesterol is…

turismo medico o turismo sanitario è la gente che viaggia verso un altro paese allo scopo di ottenere cure mediche. La gente viaggiava storicamente dai paesi meno sviluppati per ottenere cure mediche nei paesi più sviluppati.

Should You Try Medical Tourism?

Over the last two decades many of us have noticed the increased price of medical care. In an effort gain control of medicine rising cost may people have began to look outside of their national borders. Medical tourism or health tourism is people traveling to another country with the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. People historically would travel from less developed countries to get medical treatment in more developed countries. Seeking treatment that…


What is Cardiology

The cardiovascular system encompasses the heart, blood vessels and nearly 5 liters of blood, that is constantly moved throughout the  blood viens, and vessels. Its primary responsibility is transporting oxygen, hormones and nutrients, throughout the the body. The heart, which is the size of a closed fist, must pump over 5 liters of blood throughout the body every minute. Cardiology is a medical discipline focused on dealing with heart disorders. This…

ਵ੍ਹੀਲਚੇਅਰ, ਵ੍ਹੀਲਚੇਅਰ ਖਰੀਦ ਗਾਈਡ, ਵ੍ਹੀਲਚੇਅਰ ਖਰੀਦਣਾ

Wheelchair Buying Guide

Wheelchairs are important pieces of medical equipment that people use everywhere, from hospitals, shopping malls, to grocery stores. Wheelchairs allow people to move form one place to another. Wheelchairs useful for people who cannot walk or should not walk around on their own. Older Senior Citizens, people who are sick, pregnant women,  the injured or weak. and those who are temporarily or permanently paralyzed would find wheelchairs fit their needs. Those…

Esercizio fisico Vigoroso può produrre risultati di fitness migliori rispetto a un esercizio moderato, ma come fai a sapere se a quale livello di esercizio ti stai esibendo? Con un cardiofrequenzimetro, puoi valutare la tua salute e assicurarti di esercitare un livello di efficacia e salubrità che funzioni al meglio per il tuo corpo.

Heart Rate Monitor Guide

Heart Monitor are great for gauging how much effort you are using in your workout. Although you may feel that you are doing vigorous exercise with out a heart rate monitor, you may not be able to monitor yourself safely to know whether your are over exerting yourself or exercising as effective as possible. Working out too much and too hard is not a good idea, You may thing the…