Anatomy of the Brain

ऑगस्ट 14, 2016

The brain is one of the body’s most multifaceted and brilliant organs. The brain handles millions of task and processes. The brain gives you the awareness of yourself and our surrounding environment. The brain constantly processes a stream of sensory data. It controls the muscle movements, as we will as the secretion of you glands. The Brain regulates breathing and internal temperature. All creative thought, feelings, ideas and plans are

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What are Cluster Headaches?

फेब्रुवारी 12, 2016

Cluster headaches are a type of a headache that recurs over a period time. Individuals who suffer from cluster headaches can experience one to three episodes per day. These headaches typically occur during a period, known as a cluster period. Cluster headaches can last from two weeks to three must. People who have cluster headaches can get them at the same time of year, such as spring and fall. एक…

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अंत: स्त्राव प्रणाली ऍनाटॉमी काय आहे?

अंत: स्त्राव प्रणाली, त्या ग्रंथी सर्व ग्रंथी आणि संप्रेरक समावेश, मानवी शरीर संपूर्ण. मज्जासंस्था सुलभ होतं आणि ग्रंथी नियंत्रित, रक्त आत रासायनिक receptors सोबत, आणि संप्रेरक इतर ग्रंथी विकसित. अंत: स्त्राव प्रणाली अवयव कार्ये नियमन. त्यामुळे शरीराची ग्रंथी homeostasis टिकवून ठेवू शकतो की. हार्मोन्स जसे की सेल्युलर चयापचय शरीर प्रक्रिया एक उच्च पातळी नियंत्रित, पुनरुत्पादन साखर आणि खनिज homeostasis, पचन, हृदय दर…

मार्च 15, 2015
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