La maggior parte farmaco efficace per il raffreddore per adulti

raffreddoreEveryone dreads colds, così quando si tratta di trattamento a freddo dei sintomi siamo tutti alla ricerca di farmaco che fornisce modo più rapido per superare il freddo. però, quale farmaco che funziona meglio alleviare i sintomi del raffreddore differiscono da persona a persona.

Anche se over-the-counter, or OTC, cold medicines will not cure your cold, they can make dealing with a cold more comfortable, in which you let it runs its course. In this guide, we cover some a few medications that can help treat cold symptoms in adults.

Congestion and Stuffy Nose

There are many decongestants, which work to reduce the swelling inside your sinuses and nose so that you can breathe much easier. There are two different types

Pills and syrups. For medicines with Decongestants, you will typically see the letter “D” at the end of the medications name. You will want to look for products with phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine. Both of these are available over-the-counter, even though they are sometimes stored behind the counter.

Nasal Sprays have phenylephrine and oxymetazoline inside, and they may work faster than syrups or pills. You should not use Nasal sprays for more than 2-3 days in a row, or your congestion may become worse.

You should only take one at a time. Do not take both types of decongestants simultaneously, You may want to start with the nasal spray for the first couple days then start using pills and syrups as you need them.

One of the worsts sintomi is coughing, especially if it is non-stop coughing. There are two common choices you will see for cold flu care. In molti casi, doctors do not necessarily try to treat a cough from a cold unless it is keeping you up a night and disrupting other daily functions and routines.

Cough suppressants have dextromethorphan than can stop coughing for a short period; essi innescare la parte del cervello che controlla la tosse. Destrometorfano spesso chiamato DM non ha alcuna proprietà di dipendenza antidolorifico o, come la codeina. DM può funzionare per la tosse secca o secca tosse. però, Queste aiuterà sbarazzarsi di muco.

I Espettoranti sono opere sulla superficie reale del corpo causando una persona a tossire. espettoranti, come guaifenesin, sarà rompere la congestione al petto da diradamento il muco nelle vie aeree. In questo modo quando si si tossisce più facilmente sbarazzarsi di catarro. You should drink more water if you take this. Taking expectorants will not cause to stop coughing, but create a product cough that helps clear secretions and mucus. però, if you are having productive coughs at night, it may be preventing you from getting sleep and in that you should talk to your doctor.

Cold Medicines for Sore Throats, Fevers Aches, and Pains

If you have common cold, these symptoms are usually mild, when compared to serious ailments, such as the flu or pneumonia. però, if you still feel these symptoms, you should consult your physician and in most cases it is OK to take something such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen to ease your pain and lower your fever.

You should always check the medication labels to see what the side effects are. You should follow the instructions exactly as prescribed. Anche, consult your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that these medications will not counteract with other medications you are taking.

home-remedies-for-relieving-common-cold-symptoms.w654Along with OTC, there are natural Cod remedies that can be used treat or shorten the length of a cold.

Some of the most popular natural remedies are vitamin C, echinacea and zinc.

These do not cure colds but may help to expedite the body’s recovering time. la ricerca Echinacea spesso mostra i risultati di mix di aiutare il corpo a recuperare. E 'sempre meglio consultare il medico prima di assumere medicine naturali supplementari.

Strisce nasali possono aiutare a respirare meglio allargando i passaggi nasali quando indossato.

Bere molti liquidi, even hot soups, has been shown in studies, to make the body feel better.
Fare dei gargarismi con acqua salata tiepida, use throat sprays and suck on ice or cough drops to ease and relieve sore throats.
To help reduce a stuffy or runny nose, try rinsing your nose with salt water.

To prevent skin irritation, from constantly blowing your nose, use petroleum jelly and facial tissue with lotions to prevent redness and soreness.

You can use a humidifier to help break up phlegm in your chest.

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