No tóxico del pañal del bebé Wipe (Biodegradable) Guía

Cuando el momento de considerar toallitas para bebés que hay muchas opciones diferentes en el mercado. Es importante tomar la decisión correcta para que usted. Muchos padres no empiezan con la intención de usar las toallitas desechables bebé en absoluto, menudo planear sobre el uso de un paño y agua tibia a la hora de cambiar. Dando desechables toallitas intentarlo, pronto experimentará la conveniencia de que no ofrecen toallas. Debido a la frecuencia, sensitives and the fact that you do not wash the area of the baby after using wipes makes it important to choose non-toxic wipes.

Baby Wipe Ingredients to Avoid

If you are going to use disposable baby wipes, you should probably avoid using scented and fragrance wipes, or perfume that has phthalates or endocrine disruptors. Muchos toallitas pueden tener parabenos y contienen fenoxietanol, que es un carcinógeno éxito. Si está utilizando toallitas naturales u orgánicos, fenoxietanol se puede usar como un conservante.

Hay varios ingredientes que usted no puede ver enumerados que deben incluirse en el paquete. Estos productos químicos pueden incluir contaminantes y subproductos sobrantes del proceso de producción.

Pueden tener Plysorbate-20, que es un conservante común, que pueden estar contaminados con cancerígenos 1,4 – dioxano
Acetato de tocoferilo es una vitamina E sintética que se utiliza en acondicionadores de la piel; se hace usando un tóxico piel y carcinógeno, llamada hidroquinona.
2-Bromo-3-nitropropano-1,3- Diol liberar formaldehído cancerígeno.

Otras opciones para las toallitas desechables

Durante los últimos años, ha habido varias marcas nuevas de toallitas húmedas biodegradables introducidos en el mercado, algunos son eficaces, con ingredientes superiores, que son respetuosos del medio ambiente (Toallitas deben ser compostados o vacían) y son más seguros de otras marcas de toallitas naturales.

There are a few companies that make natural liquid solutions ( that have clothes) in place of using baby wipes. However, you could just use water and a washcloth if your are going to use a non-disposable option. If you want to go this way, then you can look into options offered by Natural Family Botanicals.

There are a few options

These are Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Jackson Reece

163-8126_PI_TPS1950012Jackson Reece is based in Herbal, Biodegradable Wipes are made from renewable wood pulp. This brand refreshingly does not have a long list of different, hard to pronounce ingredients; it is nice and short. These come in scented based on essential oils and unscented varieties. These tend to be pricier than other more popular brands; you will likely use less of them because they are big and thick. They ofter a good balance of wetness, not being to sudsy or dry.

Bum Boosa Wipes.

Yes, are are made from bamboo, which biodegradable Although they contain Polysorbate 20, their emulsifier score is only a 1 with Skin Deep. However, there is some Citric acid present in trace amounts, and there is no evidence of toxicity. This should not be a concern. You can buy these wipes in bulk from Amazon. They tend the be the priciest options.

Water Wipes

Water Wipes, called the words purest wipes because they contain only water and grapefruit seed extract. There is no contamination with carcinogenic cholo from or parabens. Independent testing has shown WaterWpes do not have any containment. Since there are no preservatives, Waterwipes made develop mode once you open the package. If you go through these quickly, this will not is a problem. You probably should not use wipe waters either as the heat can lead to bacteria. The other feedback that the fabric may be a little too rough or dry.

Honest Wipes

Honest wipes are pretty good wipes with the only ingredient of concern being silver dihydrogen citrate. This is a preservative, According to Honest, the silver used does not include nanoparticles. However honest wipes are not cheap at about 7 cents per wipe. Over the wipes will perform well.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generations baby wipes contain hydroxymethylcnate. There is limited information on this ingredient safety. However it only gets a 2 fuera de 10 on Skin Deep, so it is considerate safe. These wipes also contain sodium benzoate; it is best to avoid to this ingredient. These wipes are also widely available, and you can get them for about a 5 cents a wipe when you buy in bulk.


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