Seasonal Allergies Guide: lente Allergieë

Allergies-CellFor millions of people, every spring is the start of Spring seasonal allergies. As trees and flowers start to bloom, they begin to release pollen into the atmosphere, this often user in time when allergy suffers begin to experience sneezing, watery eys, itching and sniffling. Every year more than 35 million will experience seasonal allergic rhinitis, this is also called hay fever. Although there are, no cures for spring allergies, there ways to treat them.

What causes spring allergies?

Die belangrikste oorsaak van seisoenale allergieë is stuifmeel. Stuifmeel is klein korrels wat ontslaan in die atmosfeer. Stuifmeel afkomstig van onkruid, grasse, bome en help om ander plante bemes. Wanneer stuifmeel die liggaam van iemand gaan wat allergies is vir dit, daardie persoon immuunstelsel begin om te reageer. Die immuunstelsel foute die stuifmeel as 'n vreemde indringer. Die liggaam sal dan release teenliggaampies te beveg bakterieë of virusse. Die teenliggaampies aanval die stuifmeel allergene en sal vrystel chemikalieë in die bloed, genoem histamien. Histamien sal dan veroorsaak dat die vandag kan aktiveer deur loperige neuse, jeukerige oë, en ander allergiese simptome.

Stuifmeel kan reis vir baie myle en versprei oor verskillende mense, en wanneer daar 'n hoër stuifmeel vlakke, meer mense sal hoër vlakke van allergiese aktiwiteit ervaar. Die stuifmeeltelling maatreëls die bedrag van allergene wat in die in die lug op grond van korrels per kubieke meter. stuifmeel & Heuwel Tel gebaseer op die Amerikaanse Akademie van allergie.

Allergie simptome kan baie aktief op winderig dae, waarin die wind vlakke is hoër. Reëndae kan 'n hoër vlak van stuifmeel tel veroorsaak dat die reën spoel weg die allergene.

Algemene simptome van die lente allergieë

Waterige oë
Lopende neus
Jeukerige oë en neus
Donker kringe onder oë.

Hierdie allergene kan veroorsaak asma en smal lugweë, en dit kan maak asemhaling lei tot hoes, hyg en kort asem.

allergieë lente diagnoses

Sommige mense het nog nooit gediagnoseer is met die lente allergieë, yet have allergies have allergies and experience the effectsrunning noses, itchy eyes or another symptom. You can go see your doctor, and he or she may refer you to see an allergist to conduct a test.

The allergy specialist may conduct a skin test, in which a small sample of diluted allergen is injected into the skin of the arm or back. If you are allergic to the allergen then a small red bump will develop on the skin (This is also called a hive or wheal). The specialist can also do an ImmunoCap assay, wat meet allergeen-spesifieke IgE – 'n proteïen wat tot toon in allergiese individue.

Selfs as jy sensitief is vir hierdie allergeen toets is, beteken nie dat jy sal begin nies en hoes wanneer jy kom in kontak met allergene soos stuifmeel.

Allergieë kan op verskeie maniere behandel word.

Daar is 'n aantal van oor-die-toonbank en voorskrif dwelms wat gebruik word om die lente allergieë behandel. Daar is 'n hele paar oor-die-toonbank medisyne wat nuttig vir mense, insluitend die volgende is:

Eye drops help relieve watery and itchy eyes.
Nasal spray decongestants will relieve congestion and clear nasal passages that are clogged, faster than oral decongestants.
Steroid nasal spray reduces inflammation. There are two over the counter drugs Flonase and Nasacort.
Antihistamines are the most popular for reducing itching, sniffling and sneezing through lowering the body’s histamine levels.
There ar combination of antihistamines and decongestants to help with multiple symptoms.
Cromolyn sodium is a nasal spray that can help reduce hay fever through stopping the spread of histamine before it starts allergic symptoms.

Although it is possible to buy these allergy medications without a prescription, you should discuss with your doctor, which drug would be the best medication to choose. Sometimes antihistamines can make you feel sleepy or drowsy so if you are taking it throughout the day it may affect your daily routine. Make sure to speak with your doctor allergieëbefore using more than a few days.

There are also remedies that your doctor can recommend a prescription for, such as allergy shots or under-the-tongue immunotherapy tablets. There are several steroid nasal tablets that may help as well. Allergy shots expose the body to greater dosages of the allergen until you become tolerant of it. Immunotherapy tablets work in the same way. These can relieve your symptoms for a longer time frames than oral or nasal allergy medications.

There are natural treatments to aid relief for allegory sufferers, although there are different opinions about the effectiveness. dit sluit:

  1. ButterburButterbur is a herb that comes from a shrub in Europe, This herb show the potential ability to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. Butterbur extract, Ze 399 has been seen to be as effective for reducing histamines, such as Allegra, Zyrtec, and Claritin.
  2. QuercetinThis is a flavonoid, which are found in apples, black tea and onions, which have anti-inflammatory properties which can help stop histamines.
  3. Stinging nettleThese are roots and leaves from the stinging nettle plant, the Urtica dioica. These plants have been used to treat prostate problems and joint pain.
  4. Nasal irrigation- This is using warm water and a quarter-teaspoon of salt and quarter -teaspoon and baking soda to help clear sinus passages. Many people use a neti-pot or squeeze bottle and looks like a small teapot. You should use sterile, distilled or boiled water. You should also clean and rinse your irrigation device after each use.

Just because treatments claim that they are natural does not mean that it is safe. In werklikheid, it possible that one may also be allergic to this natural remedies. Some natural treatments can cause side effects and may trigger adverse reactions with other medications that you are taking. You should always talk to your doctor before taking any herb or supplement.

Although it is impossible to avoid spring allergies completely, as you may live in an area where plants grow. There are a few things you can do to avoid main allergy triggers

  • Try to stay indoors if there are high pollens counts
  • Keep your windows and closed when possible to keep allergens out your house.
  • It may helps to clean your air filters and surface areas in your home often, since these are areas that can collect dust and pollen.
  • You should be your hair after you go outside as it can collect pollen.
  • Vacuum twice a month and wear a mask because a vacuum can kick up pollen, dust mold and dust trapped in your carpet.

Although there are no ways to cure seasonal allergies there ways that you can lessen the effects seasonal allergies have on you.

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